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Heyo. I haven't been the most active person lately. So have some updates. Also I'm looking for some stuff. And there may be opportunities for you to get stuff in the more or less near future so if you're interested you can preview that, or just wait until later. I have attempted to structure this journal somewhat so you can skip past headings you aren't interested in. It serves partly as updates for you, partly as a reminder list for me. You don't want to see my full to-do list. It's intimidating to the extreme. But also exciting.

(Also, I am quite behind on my inbox, been slowly going through it but I still have deviations from a couple months ago sitting there. I have a bad habit of getting overwhelmed by things, deleting everything in my inbox, and unwatching half my watchlist, which in the long run isn't very fun and I suspect people think I'm an asshole for unwatching them when really, well, I'm an asshole for unwatching them but it's not personal, it's me being disorganized and impulsive. So going to try to not do that, but that means I will be a slow watcher for a while instead.)

Upcoming art

:bulletred:First of all: Jazuac, OakBrookeStables, your midsummer prizes are coming. I have been working on them, and they are my first priority. I sincerely apologize for how slow I've been with that, art burnout and detailed drawings do not mix well, but I figured I'd rather take a bit longer and make sure they turn out well, rather than rush through them just to get them finished faster, so hopefully they'll be at least somewhat worth the wait.

:bulletorange:In terms of personal art, I've taken a step back and realized I want to catch up on some stuff that's been brewing on the backburner for a while. This involves a revamp of sorts- there are, firstly, a lot of new refs coming. Refs for designs I have not drawn yet, or horses I've drawn but which don't have refs (like Skyler, or Ludkhannah, or the baby pony brigade), as well as new refs for horses with really old and ugly refs. I would really like to be caught up on that front, and it'll take time, but it'll be worth it. Along with this I'm trying to clear all my current nordanner breedings out of the way, and hopefully soon be completely done with those and just have ponies to draw and not fret about using that stuff. You know, be all caught up. First priority in these new refs is Topaz (that pretty silver peafowl nordanner some may know of, who is going to live here now) and Outlaw (Bandit's new baby who I've doodled a bit already), and thereafter... everyone else, unreffed and undrawn first, and after that new refs for old ponies. If you're very very very interested in seeing which refs are coming in what approximate order, feel free to ask, I have a list I'm trying to follow and if there's a horse in particular you've been waiting for it'll hopefully be there.

:bulletyellow:Reffing also includes the human characters, which I want to introduce properly and also learn to draw well. It also includes some pets which have shown up in stories or a few images here and there, as well as ponysprites (and there are more ponysprites than just Tell, lemme... tell... ya HAHAHA shutuphelsinge). And Bu. Anybody remember Bu? No? Of course you don't. That's why Bu gets more art soon. There may also be some new horses, I've had many fun ideas lately and at this point I've realized that life's too short to worry about having too many adorable imaginary ponies galloping in my head. Creating characters is fun, and if I'm not here to have fun, then why play at all?

:bulletgreen:This revamp of sorts involves not only new nice refs for every living creature or spirit, but also the stable itself. I want to design and draw the grounds properly. This is time-consuming because design decisions are hard. But I am excited about it.

:bulletblue:Whenever this revamp catch-up stuff is complete, there will be story art. I have, together with Mistyhills, several hundred pages of RP to draw. Some of you may know her characters live at my stable now, like a sister-stable thing, and many fun things happen in the story we've written and it's time to show that stuff. It spans from a time before the relay endurance race we collabed on last year, and well into the future, so there's a lot to catch up on. I'm really looking forward to it, story is fun and for me, at least, it will be more interesting than what I've been doing lately.

:bulletpurple:In addition to that story, I do have a storyline set in a fantasy realm where most of my nordanners live, as well as some characters that will interact with my harpg stable's characters, and I would like to start introducing that. Also, I am determined to wrap up Wynter's Tale because I'm hankering to start in on Zithara's backstory. And remember in spring when I introduced Voltaire the stolen stallion? Yeah that'll get an update whenever I finish drawing the thing. I am so sick of being behind on all these fun stories so I really really really want to start catching up <.<

:bulletpink:You may notice there is not much mention of shows here. This is because I am a bit burnt out on shows. Mind you, I'm not done with them entirely- Siri for example will be entering the Breeder's Cup Mile over at the JC group, if I manage to complete an entry. But in general, I'll just enter shows if I really feel inspired for a particular event, and not just as a thing that I expect myself to do. I've entered too many shows lately that have been more of a chore than a joy. It's time to let my ponies play at home a bit more, without having to be fixated on deadlines. That being said, I have had more interest in those massive rpg-style events lately, and have considered entering The White December this year. But I don't think I will, because as you can probably tell, I have a lot of things planned, and not a lot of interest or time for deadlines or mandatory things right now. But I may enter that type of event later on, or do it next year or something. I want to play with other people, not just by myself.

In Search Of!

Nordanner breedings
I have some breedings to complete, and I'm missing partners for a few of them. Click here for details.

Home for Alexander and Rocket
Rocket by Helsinge
This horse is Rocket. She belongs to a character of mine named Alexander Hallin. I am looking for somewhere for them to live. The story thus far is this- Alexander left Sweden to compete elsewhere, ended up in Australia, bought Rocket, they're an odd pair but she's teaching him to behave. They were going to live at a friend's stable based in Australia, but that friend is not currently active in HARPG, nor is the second Aussie stable who offered to take them in. So, I'm looking for a place to put these guys. Aussieland would be cool, but definitely not a requirement at this point, I can just tell him to move back to Europe or wherever (Europe probably preferred over the US, but again, I don't feel like being fussy at this point). Basically, I'll just draw them doing their thing, but they'll live at your stable, and it would be fun to do some RP or collab stuff, chances are I may draw your horses in the background at times, etc. Fair warning- Alexander is kind of a douchebag. Charming at first, but he's going to end up annoying your characters most likely. He left Sweden because nobody really liked him and he sort of cheated and isn't a very kind rider. Rocket is forcing him to improve, but he still sort of sees horses as tools rather than partners, something which he may perhaps develop and outgrow as story goes on (or maybe not? Depends entirely on where things go, if he's RPed and stuff). So yeah. If your stable is interested in an extra rider/boarder, and you're interested in RP/collabs/whatevs, let me know. I'm more interested in doing this with someone I've already talked to a lot before, but I'm open to "new friends" as well, I just want to find a stable that feels like a good and fun fit.

Upcoming sales/contests/"opportunities"

I am considering briefly opening up some breedings to some horses. Primarily nordanners (a selection from those I listed above as possible slot trades), but possibly other breeds as well (most likely Bombs Away and/or Favorit, maaybe Bidaya). So here's the question- is there interest in this? What would be preferred- a straight raffle, an old-school art auction, some other type of contest? Any horse in particular you'd be interested in? (Regardless of whether people answer these questions or not, I'll probably arrange something, but it's always helpful to get some feedback and see what people are interested in).

Selling/leasing horses
Believe it or not, I don't just get new ponies all the time. Sometimes, old ones go. At least one horse will be going up for sale soon, and a few others may be retired or possibly leased out or maaaaybe sold if the perfect home is interested. Stay tuned for a separate journal on this in the nearish future.

Naming contest?
So I have a few unnamed designs that have been wanting refs for a long time, but the lack of names is holding me back. Anyone interested in a naming contest? What sort of prizes would you want for such a thing? Or would you simply be happy to spout your creativity at me through the generosity of your heart? :P

Collab/art trade
I've been itching for collabs and art trades lately. I love seeing other people draw my horses, and I'm pretty sure my best work happens when I'm drawing someone else's ponpons, and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy collaborating with people. Right now, I've already got a couple pending and (as you can see if you've read the rest of this journal) I'm a little bit too busy to start on things right now, I'd like to clear out some backlog first. But if you're interested in a collab or art trade, and don't mind it being postponed for a while, shoot me a note with what you've got in mind? I'll probably ask again in the future as well when I'm ready to take stuff on, but if you've already got ideas for things to draw, feel free to fire away. Please don't be offended if I turn something down- I'm not an elitist about skill level, but if you're like "hey draw one of those full traditional things for me and I'll do five blinking chibi headshots for you" it's not going to be a fair trade in my view. Quality over quantity, please, I don't demand that you be an amazeballs artist, but I do request that you put in the same amount of effort that you expect from me. Plus in general I don't want to promise too much full stuff, as that is incredibly time-consuming for me- I do always enjoy chibis and sketches and stuff too, so if that's something you'd like to do, that's cool too. Hit me up with ideas, if it feels like too much for me we can probably still figure something else out :)

Your Horse Here/Commissions
Right now, commissions are still mostly closed. I'll consider chibi commissions if you're interested, or sketchy stuff, note me and maybe we can work something out, but full detail drawings are a no-go at the moment. However, in the process of doing all those new refs, I tend to do like five sketches for every actual completed ref, because while many sketches look alright, only a few actually look like the horse I had in mind. Is there an interest in me posting these up as YHHs? If so, which breeds/body types would you be interested in? (Having many horses, I do many sketches of different types, and knowing whether people want them or not is useful in deciding which refs to attempt first). Note: these would be traditional, with or without bg (though probably comparatively simple, but hey, if you pay me I'll vomit some more details in :P), roughly 17 x 12 cm in size for the most part. If desired, I can also scan them and color digitally- just the original sketch will be uploaded in traditional format.



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Art posted here is geared towards HARPG.

There is no need to thank me for favs/watches, I give them because I like your work and want to see more of it, not because I'm trying to be nice, so seeing your art is thanks enough :D

Please do not use my page to advertise your art/contests/whatever, beg for watches or favs, or spread chainletters. Such comments will be hidden.

I don't mind invites to competitions or groups that you think are relevant to me and/or my characters, however please don't send me invitations about new breeds or things like that.


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