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Falkens 2015 Driving Days

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2015, 7:20 AM

General Information

:new: More ref and tutorial stuff linked below!

Sponsored by :icondriving-society:

Deadline: October 10th

*Entry List*

Welcome to a driving show of multiple classes hosted... wherever you want!  Seriously, draw what you want in the background.  I'm a big fan of outdoor scenery because indoor arenas tend to be uniformly brown and boring but if you can draw a great indoor arena, have at it. My hope is that if you get free reins, I'll get to see some awesome and inspired art.  This is intended to be an effort-based show in judging but relaxed and personal-preference based in artistic creation.  Go all-out to get the gold, or just doodle for funsies and get your horse some experience, or take advantage of the opportunity for that story plot you've been sitting on.  If there's a driving class not listed below that you really really want, ask for it and I just may add it.

:new: Some reference photos to help you with the basics if you're feeling lost!

:new: Some excellent harness tutorials


  • Link your references.  Legitimate stock only, respect photographers' rights.  Give credit where it's due, please.  It's not "(c) Google" unless google actually owns the rights to the photo.  If no refs are used, please specify so.  I am aware that driving stock can be tricky to find, so if you reference twenty different photos for different parts or watch a bunch of driving videos to get a good idea of how to draw, that's fine by me.  But if you copy directly from a specific photo in such a way that a side-by-side would make it obvious it was the main reference, it better be stock (or a photo you have permission from the photographer to use) and it better be credited.

  • All breeds allowed, both realistic and fantasy, in any class.  I am judging the art quality, not the "realism"- so if your purple shetlands want to weight-pull, that's fine.  Odd, but fine.

  • Be nice.  Don't steal or cheat or badmouth other entries or the judging.  Be a gracious winner and a gracious not-first-placer (there are no losers here, we get to draw PONIES!).  If you have an issue, note me and we'll try to resolve it.

  • Fullbody is preferred and will help you in the judging.  However, I will accept partial body entries as long as it's obviously driving- "headshot with floating reins" could be any discipline and won't count, but if you just show a halfbody with some harness or just feet and carriage wheels, that's fine.  Backgrounds aren't required but will definitely help you.  Photo backgrounds are fine but won't help you, and they should be credited stock.  Put in the effort that you want reflected in your score. 

  • Old entries from unjudged shows are accepted.  Please link to the show it was for so I know it's unjudged- if an entry has already gotten a placing from another show, it cannot be reused here.

  • Questions?  Ask. 


For more information on each class, please consult your nearest Wikipedia or YouTube.  I won't nitpick much on precise details, as long as it kinda looks like that class I'm not going to analyze each harness strap according to discipline standards.  Chances are, you know more than I do about them.

  • Pleasure driving
A smart turnout and a pleasant horse with lovely gaits to tempt me on a Sunday drive.

  • Combined driving
Consists of three phases.  Each phase may be treated as its own class, if you only wish to enter one phase, and then be judged as a separate class.  Combined driving entrants will enter all three phases (either an image for each or combine three images in one file) alongside individual class competitors, but be judged under a cumulative combined driving heading.  

    Dressage: Like regular dressage, except with wheels.

    Marathon: Like cross-country, except with wheels.

    Obstacle cones: Drive between cones with balls on them.  Don't                               knock them down.

  • Weight-pulling: Stone is heavy.  Pull it.

  • Scurry driving: Go fast and dodge cones.  The only exception to                                the all-breed rule.  Ponies only!  (They can still be                            purple though).


Judging will be based on my subjective perception of effort and creativity.  Rich detail, interesting backgrounds, showing the full competitor set as opposed to cropping out the tricky parts, drawing faces instead of Slenderman drivers, etc all helps.  In the event that I reeaaally cannot decide between two entries, I may use RNG to break the mental tie, but overall this is an effort-judged show.


No pre-registration necessary.  Send entries via note or comment.  In the entry description, please include the names of the horse or horses pictured with links to their references, the names of the driver and whatever grooms may be present, a link to this show so your friends can enter and state which class the image is for.   Remember to link your stock references as well.


Driving-Society has donated 500 :points: to the prize fund.  This currently puts us at the following point prizes for each class:

115 :points: for first place

65 :points: for second place

45 :points: for third place

(Classes which don't receive any entries will have their prizes redistributed to the others- prizes may go up if I can get some together, especially if we get a fair number of entries).

Art or point donations are welcome!  If you wish to do art, keep in mind that we've got up to 7 winners, and those winners may consist of multiple horses depending on the team size.  If you want to do something for all winners or placers, that's awesome, but it can definitely be overwhelming, so if you'd like to pick a favorite class to do art for that's good as well, anything you feel like you can handle :)

Pleasure Driving
1st place: Fullbody drawing by Shadoweses

Combined Driving

1st place: Fullbody drawing by Ilka122


Obstacle Cones

Weight Pulling
1st place: Fullbody drawing by Shadoweses

Scurry Driving

Looking for a show that will accept previously finished entries 

3 deviants said Link me!
No deviants said Drew a barrel racing entry and a foal halter entry (western) earlier but the show seems to be on indefinite hold
No deviants said I don't want them going to waste so if someone has a show (preferably effort-judged, not RNG) that will take them...



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There is no need to thank me for favs/watches, I give them because I like your work and want to see more of it, not because I'm trying to be nice, so seeing your art is thanks enough :D

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I don't mind invites to competitions or groups that you think are relevant to me and/or my characters, however please don't send me invitations about new breeds or things like that.


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